Break Point

Break Point has four small, nine medium-sized and two large tables. You can purchase great cue sticks, covers, and other snooker/pool gear here. You can refresh yourself at the Cafeteria offering quick snacks, fresh juices and salads, amongst other items on the menu. Check your email or simply surf the internet on one of the six workstations in the Internet Centre. If you want a little more excitement, join in on a race, or shoot the bad guys on one of the six video games available. Break Point fits the definition of the perfect hangout with great crowd and great music.

Billiards Point

Billiards Point has 4 pool tables, 4 standard (big) tables and 10 medium-sized tables. With a reasonably priced tariff, Billiards Point has brought these indoor games within the reach of just about everybody. Billiards Point boasts some excellent equipment with well-designed interiors and friendly markers. In addition to this, there is a state-of- the-art Onkyo Sound System that plays the latest music. There is What Not Café offering snacks (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), fruit juices and cool drinks.

Wild West

Wild West is a Snooker/Pool parlour at Spencer Plaza. This Western Saloon look-alike has two standard, two medium-sized, and four pool tables. There is also a small (baby) table for children. The whips, guns, saddles, pistols, hats, guitars, horseshoes and water cans on the walls of the parlour, reminds you the world of Clint Eastwood westerns. Lanterns innovatively light the parlour and the interiors are impressively decorated with cacti and western murals. The Wild Café serves snacks and beverages.

Snow Bowling

Snow Bowling is open from 11.00 a.m. to Mid Night. It offers four lanes, one pool table and video Karaoke to sing along. Check out lot of English and Tamil songs with snacks, cool drinks and vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches. It also has a Music theatre with a projector.

Web World Web

Web World Web has three Billiards tables and two Pool tables. You can enjoy pool, snooker and billiards in the a mesmerizing ambience.


Along with playing Snookers and Billiards, you can also enjoy browsing the net at the Internet Cafe. Other activities include Mini-Golf. It is open from 6.30 a.m. to mid night.

Turning Point Food & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

Black Ball Game Snooker has different interiors, professional quality Snookers, Billiards and Pool tables. There is also a Gymnasium inside. For foodies, there is Shanxi - a Chinese specialty Restaurant, Kebab Korner - a Tandoori food joint and Cofi Garden - a 24 hours coffee shop set up in a beautifully landscaped roof garden.

Plot Black Billiards Parlour

You can relish playing Billiards, Snooker and Pool here.

Down Under

Down Under has four lane, ten pin bowling arena and computerized coaching. There is also a three-hole mini-golf course with a thrilling landscape. You can also play Billiards & Snooker in a lovely ambience. You can also play Animator fun Video games like target firing. For foodies, Delicious Bite, a vibrant and colourful vegetarian restaurant, should be able to satisfy your needs. Additional entertainment includes Big Screen TV, Karaoke room- Musical fun, singing, Dance etc. Open from 11 a.m. to midnight.

Billiards Parlour & Browsing Centre
QIN Billiards Snooker Parlour

Open from 9.00 a.m. to midnight.