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Orange County, Kabini (Karnataka)

At Orange County, we leave no stone unturned to give you the most luxurious holiday. Yet, no stone is turned unnecessarily, and the natural balance of man and his environment is preserved and protected.

What you get with us are the world's most exclusive holidays, experienced in perhaps the most inclusive way.

Holidays which take you away from the familiarity of one world, whilst drawing you into the bosom of another.

Where you are drawn into the warp and weft of the indigenous culture without losing out on the luxurious that are your privilege.

An experience than helps you discover that the mind, body, and soul are in perfect harmony when you are at one with the spirit of the land.

Wildlife, the Tribal way :

Orange County’s 'Spirit of the Land' philosophy finds its most intimate expression at Kabini where the casual visitor is drawn into the very bosom of the Nilgiri biosphere.

While you are cradled in the lap of luxury, the Resort manages to give you a wildlife experience like no other, and enjoins you to be part of the vibrant social tapestry of the local Kadu Kuruba tribe. Steeped in local lore and culture, and inspired in design by the Hadis (tribal villages), this picturesque resort of sweeping panoramic vistas is bordered on two sides by the Kabini River.


  Reading Lounge
  Infinity Pool


  Boat Safari
  Vehicle Safari
  The Resort Elephant
  Coracle ride
  Tribal Village visit
  Guided Bird Watching
  Evening activities
  Activity center for children

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